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Honour Blog Tour ButtonFriend and fellow author, M. B. Feeney has released her first collection of short stories for your enjoyment. Check out her interview below, and the review I made after having the pleasure of getting an ARC of her collection.


The world is filled with people destined to help and to serve. Doctors, nurses, police, and firefighters—each and every day, these special people work to help others in times of need. Often, this means putting their own lives at risk in order to do their jobs. They give of themselves to benefit society, and they do it without any expectation of thanks.

And then there is the military . . .

These are the men and women who don’t head home to their families and safe homes to relax at the end of a shift. They are on the front lines, far from home and often fighting someone else’s battles because it is the right thing to do. Military families struggle to cope with the constant worry and the long periods of separation, staying strong to support those who serve in everything they do, and often are left to pick up the pieces when the highest Honour Stackprice is paid.

Servicemen and women are heroes in the purest sense of the word. Even when the world’s gone mad and their hearts are breaking, one thing remains unchanged.

They have honour.


All his life, his mother had been there for him, gently pushing him to do his very best and allowing him the opportunity to make his own decisions, even when they led him on a path she wouldn’t have chosen for him. When he’d told his parents at age sixteen that he wanted to enlist in the Army, they supported him. The one thing they asked of him was e finished his education up to A-Levels before he enlisted. They did try to talk him into going to college for a couple of years also, but he insisted that he would get better qualifications and experience once he was a soldier. As agreed, on the day that he received his exam results, his dad drove him to the Army Careers Office to begin his journey.

“I’m so proud of you, son,” his mother whispered into his ear while clutching him in a tight embrace. “Never, ever forget that.”

Ereader Cover for Honour“Thanks, Mum. I know you are. I love you.”

(Taken from the story Letters to No One)


1. As a self confessed Army Brat, can you tell me what it was like growing up that environment? Did you move around a lot?

It’s hard to describe as I never knew any different until I was 10. It was just simply how life for my family was. It was great socially in that there were parades and families went along to those, parties for the adults, parties for the kids (Christmas for example), and you tended to live around the same people and their families. It was difficult to adjust to not having that once my dad left the army, but I adapted. I still get itchy feet every couple of years where I feel I should move house.

2. Other than growing up with a solider for a dad, what else inspired you to write the collection of beautiful words?

I merely have a lot of respect for those who enlist. They want to help others, and usually ‘others’ means people in different to the country they grew up in. I feel it’s the most selfless thing someone can do.

3. Within your collection, which is your favourite and why? (Believe me, I know it may be hard to chose between something you have worked so hard on)

I think Silence is Deafeneing and Letters to No One  are possibly my favourite. Silence came about from a random conversation with a friend when I’d decided to enter a fanfiction contest and I had no ide what to write based upon the picture prompt I’d been given. Letters is the story that started me off on this crazy journey. I’d written it because it wouldn’t leave me alone and when I’d finished, I knew I wanted to publish it, thus the collection was born.

4. What can the upcoming 2014 expect to see from the lovely M B Feeney?

More writing when I have the time in between being a mum and a teaching student. I have so many things started, but the one I really want to finish next is a possible novel attempt. I also hope to graduate uni and find a job. Then begins the process of juggling work, the kids and house with a full time job that often lasts longer than those ‘contract’ hours.

5. You are about to try self publishing, how does this differ from the house you released from previously? For you, what are the pros and cons of both?

The pros – You have complete control over EVERYTHING. Be it the cover, the editor, or the timings.

The cons – You have to do all of it yourself. There’s not as much of a support network available (unless you have the amazing friends I do) to lean on when things become overwhelming – which they do!

6. Tell me five random things about yourself . . . NOW!

English was my 2nd language, but I have mostly forgotten my first.

I spent my 1st birthday halfway up a mountain.

I am quite insecure about my writing, and get told off for it on a regular basis.

I get easily distrac- oh shiny.

I’m addicted to chewing gum. I can’t leave the house without it.

7. As an author, how do you make yourself sit and write while being a mother and full time student?

It’s how I relax. Once the kids are in bed, uni work is up to date and the washing up’s done, I let myself sit down. I get distracted easily and I suffer from block quite regularly, but I try not to let those bother me. If I don’t write 2,000 words a day, it’s not the end of the world.

8.What are you currently reading? (And you can only tell me about one, I know you and the many things you have on the go)

Just one? Mean! Right. Currently, I’m reading the Riverbend Collection by Andrea Goodson. I took a break from it to catch up with other things, but it’s the kind of book I am able to dip in and out of without losing the feel of the story.

9. You have an opportunity to meet three famous people (dead or alive), so who are you going to pick and why?

Wow, this is tough. There isn’t really anyone I’d KILL to meet, but there are plenty of famous people I admire. Okay. This first answer’s a cheat, but it’s a package deal, so counts as 1 person – I’d like to go for a drink with One Direction to get an idea as to who they are. Are they just like their celeb persona, or are they putting on a show? Next, I’d love to meet Bryce Courtenay. He wrote one of my favourite books, The Power of One. The third, I have already met this person, but I would love to meet Jackson Rathbone again. Again, is the public persona just that, a persona? Plus, I’d love to meet his wife and his son. I’m a shallow celeb creeper in real life!

10. Finally, you see a car about to pass an old lady and it will go through a large puddle that will result in drenching the old dear. You have time to do one of two things – Freeze time and save the little old lady, OR take out your mobile and video the whole thing to upload on YouTube later? Truthful answer please.

Honestly, I’d love to be able to say that I’d freeze time, but I think I would record it, but I have in the past, helped old ladies across the road, carried their shopping, and generally been nice. I’m allowed a flaw right?

Review For Honour:

When M. B. Feeney told me she was putting together a collection of her short stories I was very excited, after all, I have loved all of her other works so far. Then she told me the theme and I was less than thrilled – I’m not a fan of Army/War stories and assumed these would be all they are about. I was wrong.

The characters do revolve around the army, and the people whose lives are affected by this, but her stories are much more. What I was treated to is another great set of stories by one of my favourite writers. Each one stands out all on its own, and there is something for every type of reader.

This isn’t a collection you want to read in public, tissues WILL be needed. Something I didn’t learn until almost sobbing on the bus. She has  put together her works in a way which will have her readers eagerly turning every page for more.

As a reader, you will be taken on a journey by a great writer, pulled into the lives of her characters, and falling in love with her style. Once you have finished these, I’m pretty sure you will be checking out her other works on Amazon. Something I highly recommend.

Can’t wait to get my copy in the post.

Author Biography:

M. B. Feeney is an army brat who finally settled down in Birmingham, UK with her other half, two kids and a dog.  Currently at university studying for her BA (Hons) in primary teaching, she procrastinates on her assignments by listening to music of all genres and trying to get ‘just one more paragraph’ written on whichever WIP is open. She is also a serious doodler and chocoholic.  Writing has been her one true love ever since she couldspell, and publishing is the final culmination of her hard work and ambition.bio

Her publishing career began with two novellas, and she currently has a novel under way whilst Honour, a compilation of her own military based shorts, is due for release 1st November 2013. Always having something on the go can often lead to block which eventually gets dissolved by good music and an even better book.

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