C. Warner-Thompson Guest Post

The Star Front Cover v3With the release of her new book due out soon, C. Warner-Thompson joined me on my blog to tell us a little about herself and where we can find her works.

From The Author Herself

I was born in England in the West Midlands in 1991 where I am still currently living, growing up alongside one younger and three older brothers.

Books and writing was an interest that I began to develop from the first years of secondary school, and on my thirteenth birthday, I began to plan and design the idea to write a fantasy novel. I finished secondary school with high GCSE’s and then went on into further education to study English and all aspects of art and design. After six years of writing, planning and overall editing of the book, it was successfully completed, containing over 82,000 words, and self published in the first week of 2011.

With high expectations in myself, I immediately began to write a second novel in the meseries, while keeping my art and design a part of the process. The achievement of completing the first novel ‘Purest Light,’ allowed the ideas of the second to flow much easier and it was completed by early 2012. As I was writing the third and final book, New Beginnings, at the same time, the series was finished by its publication in 2013.

Writing is now a part of my everyday and I have started on my newest project, The Star, which is also planned to be the first of three. Only time will tell.

Links To The Author

Facebook – www.facebook.com/clemywarnerthompson

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/CWarnerThompson

Lulu – http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?type=&keyWords=c.warner-thompson&x=1&y=2&sitesearch=lulu.com&q=


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