Chapter One

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The Taming 




All eyes in the room are looking my way, watching how I move my body as I dance on one of the small stages at Halo, Leeds’ only gay male strip joint. I’ve never understood why they bothered trying to categorise it as a ‘strip joint’ though, not when any of the dances wear much to start with to bother taking anything off. Who am I to argue? I’m here to do what I do best, and that’s get the punters aroused enough to spend more money and come back week after week. It doesn’t say it anywhere, but I’m the star attraction with an ego to match. Do I love myself? Of course I do. All the men come here to see me and I am happy to show them everything, for a price. The other dancers are just my back up, my support act. I’m over confident, but that’s just who I am.

Tonight’s outfit of choice is one I know from experience drives the crowd wild. A black leather dog collar, with a silver chain that leads down to meet the matching thong. Hanging in the centre of the waist band is a small lock, to provide the illusion what’s held inside is locked away, unobtainable. Matching wrist cuffs are connected by the same style chain, with big, black biker boots completing the look. One of the waitresses gave me some eyeliner to make my eyes pop, not that any of the men are giving my face any attention.

When I checked myself out in the mirror of the changing rooms I knew I looked hot, and judging by the way I have hypnotised the crowd I know I’m right. I’m feeding off their hunger for me, delighting as they undress me further with their eyes. It gives me more confidence, adds to my ever expanding ego.

The stage is no bigger than two meters wide, pretty small, yet big enough for its purpose. Each one has five seats around it, reserved for the highest paying guests that have come to see me dance. The seats always sell fast around me, with fights breaking out on more than one occasion. I fucking love it.

Nothing gets better than this.

The men seated around me are drooling, touching themselves under the bar rest around me. They’re delighted by my every move, my ripped body, and large package filling the thong. They follow the small drips of sweat with their eyes, as it makes its way down my body, over every single toned muscle. I know from the looks they give me that they wish they could jump on the stage, fuck my tight little ass, and ride my cock into oblivion. I don’t feel objectified in the slightest, not when I make the money I do with such ease.

I’m a professional. Always making sure to dance up to every man in turn, make each one feels like he is the only man in the world right now. Convince him I will do anything to feed his every desire. I curve my hips from side to side as I lower myself down, pushing my groin close enough to them so that they can slip cash into my thong. They know that, unlike my fellow dancers, I won’t complain if their hands touch my cock. They know it drives me wild and I dance harder for them. I am as up for it just as much as I am paid to make them believe.

I like to make each man feel special, so he’ll want to pay for more time to watch me up close. Maybe pay for a private dance, which is where the money really is. I already have my eye on a few guys I will quite happily fuck after my shift, in the toilet or down an alley, maybe even back at my city centre flat if I like them enough. That is an honour always left for the biggest spender, who will be more than happy to pay for me to bounce around on his cock for a few hours. I grin at the idea, licking my lips.

I shake the thought from my mind. Not tonight; I can’t tonight.

Tomorrow is an early start for me, a private shoot with Emily for her porn site, Broke Boyz, and I need to reserve all my energy for the six hours she’s paying me for. Looking around the room again, the eyes on me drive me crazy the way they always do. These little devils gazing my way, giving me attention I crave, makes me so horny and I know that dancing alone won’t be enough to calm me. Not now.

Fuck it. I’m twenty three, more than capable of handling a late night regardless of having to get up at 6 AM.

The Familiar lie fills my head and I’m licking my lips at the thought of having one of the men suck me off. That will keep me going, save me having to sort myself out tonight. Why have a dog and bark yourself?

Another dancer, Daniel, climbs on my stage and comes up behind me to dance. He leans into my ear as we grind for the men, giving them a little more of a show, making them ever more hungry for us. For me.

“Kelly wants you. You have a private dance request,” he shouts in my ear.

Turning towards him, I pull his body against mine and gip his tight arse. My free hand slowly glides down his chest before gripping his cock, driving my audience wild. Daniel shudders as he look at me, his cock firming in my clasp. I know he wants me, and his lip trembles at my touch. His eyes close, showing the same pleasure I once gave him when I had an itch I needed scratching, but been there, done that.

“Of course she does,” I say, squeezing him harder and slapping his arse before I make my way off the stage to the moans from the men. “Sorry guys, but I’m needed elsewhere. I will be back as soon as I can. Daniel will look after you for now.”

My audience, Daniel included, look disappointed at my departure. I can’t blame them.

I’m aware private dances bring me more tips at the end of a night, but nothing beats five sets of eyes, each undressing me, imagining me getting hot and sweaty with them. Making my way over to the bar I grin to myself, head held high, sensing all eyes following me, wishing they can have me.

Kelly Jones runs Halo with her father, Charles. They make sure the staff and customers are protected and that there is no drugs or sex happening on the premises. Drugs is the one thing I don’t understand. I get my high on the stage or with some hot guy getting sweaty with me. That I understand. It’s what gets me pumped anyway.

Kelly likes to think she runs a classy establishment, like I give a fuck. To me she is just a twenty five year old barmaid with ideas above her station, but we get on fine and I even like her sometimes, and I don’t like anyone.

“‘Sup, bitch?” I say, as I arrive at the bar still grinning.

“You know, Tom, I am your boss. Maybe you could show a bit more respect,” she demands, pulling her shoulder length brown hair behind her ear. She’s grinning, so I know she isn’t pissed. She never is, not with me anyway, not for long.

“Okay, lover,” I tease.

Kelly is 5’4″ so I tower over her at my 6’5″. “Dan says you have a private for me?”

“Yes I do. He is in room one and remember, dance only! No sex!” She says.

She always tells me this! I don’t know why though, she knows I never listen. I guess she has to say it for legal reasons, in case I’m ever caught. Kelly gave up trying to stop me when she saw how much business I brought into the club. Now she turns an ever-beautiful blind eye. I never get caught because I know to fuck the ones who have lust filled eyes and bulging pants. No undercover police officer would have a semi… well, he might after seeing me – who knows.

I make my way to the door leading to the six private dance rooms. Inside, I’m greeted by a guy who must be in his sixties, at least! He stares up at me from the chair in centre of the room. His eyes have a look that says he’s hoping for a little extra, and I take a quick look at his hand gripping his crotch. He’s hoping I will break the rules for him. Well, as I was always told by my mother, you must respect your elders! That means doing as they wish, to me anyway.

“Well hello, Daddy,” I say, closing the door behind me and walking over to the seat he is perched on.

I may get that blow job after all.



I have my head faced down into the white pillow. My chin is resting on her shoulder with our heads side by side, as I move around on top of her. I go through the motions of making love to Samara, my girlfriend since I was fifteen; friend since I was eleven. She’s visiting me for the weekend, and although I have looked forward to seeing her, I’ve found myself putting sex off for as long as I can. I’m surprised my erection has lasted so long; it feels like I’ve been on her for hours as she groans below me. All I want is to cum, for her, but I know I never will and that I will forever be faking my ejaculations.

I hate myself for doing this to her, hurting the only girl I’ve ever loved. She was the most beautiful and popular girl at our school, but she wanted nobody else but me. Needed no other man near her. I can feel the love she has for me and I pray that I can cum this time. If I do this, then maybe, maybe I will be normal.

I need to be normal, need to ignore these strange desires.

Samara’s love for me blinds her to the fact I never really finish, and I always run in the bathroom right after to dispose of the always empty condoms so I can flush away my shame.

Life was simpler when I didn’t seem to have these issues, when the call of them was just a whisper in my head I could ignore. Back then I never had trouble making love to her, never felt sick as our bodies came together and we made passionate love. I never entered into the relationship for anything other than how much I adored her, loved being near her. My love has changed though, become confused in my head so all I want to do is find solitude in a dark room where my screams can go unheard.

Since moving away from York to go to Leeds Metropolitan University, the absence from her while she studies in London has allowed my eyes to wander, but to wander into places and a world unknown to me, places I know nobody will ever accept. One I don’t think I can accept.

I don’t know why I’m changing this way when Samara is so right for me, the person I know I can be happy with if I can ignore this darkness. Her short, black hair and 4’10” height used to drive me wild. Everyone always said we looked great together, something I never doubted. We have everything in common: both very intelligent, same taste in movies, books, and music. We never once argue and people say we look to be the perfect couple. All I have known since I was eleven was that I always wanted to be with her, and now it’s turning to shit because I’m weak.

These past few months alone away from her, my family and friends have allowed my thoughts to fill my head, consuming my every waking moment and controlling my dreams. I can’t sleep without them chasing me.

I move above her, trying to get myself more aroused. Lifting my head I look in her dark brown eyes for some sign that I can still do this. She smiles up at me and all I can do is put my head back to the pillow.

It’s no good. I’m no good!

As much as I want to, I know this will never happen.

I lay deflated on Samara, still going through the motions. It’s then I feel the pull I’ve tried to ignore, this longing calling for me. My mind wanders and I begin to see images within my head, crushing all plans and dreams of our future together. Then I hear the voice, the one who has tried to dominate my dreams whispering to me.

Let me out, give in to me, let me show you.

The words fill my head before I can build up my walls to keep them out. Images flood my mind, causing my erection to firm; much to Samara’s delight. Men of all shapes, sizes, and ages burn before my eyes and I can’t stop them. The more I see, the more my cock hardens and I start to move faster on top of her, knowing I am beat. All control over my body has left me as I allow these men to rub their naked bodies against mine, to listen to their voices singing my name and begging for me to go to them. New pleasures are awakening and answering to the pied piper song that is this imagery.

I can hear Samara groaning, but this is the last reminder she’s with me as I give into the person I’m trying not to be, allowing my inner self to take control.

Below me now is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, his dark features and toned body is glazed in sweat below mine. He moves to the rhythm of my lust and I start to pound into him, harder than I’ve ever fucked someone before. He scream with delight as I bite his nipples and lick the perspiration from his body. Lifting myself up, I grab onto the headboard of the bed, to silence the banging on the wall and for support, as I force more of myself into him. Pain fills my hand as I stop the board meeting the wall, but this seems to excite me further. I know I’m losing myself completely to this inner me, the me I never allowed release to before, but I’m too far gone to care.

Shock fills me as I scream my orgasm, finally filling the condom with my load, my body shaking as if it’s the first time I’ve ever cum. My cock, ever hungry for more, wont let me stop there. My inner self fills me with more energy, energy I have locked away for too long. I carry on making love to my mysterious man as he scratches his nails down my back, causing more glorious pain until I again reach climax. This time in time with his, and I fall into him, still gently pulsing my hips as the last of my cum leaves me. We look into each other’s eyes as our bodies shake from pleasure, his arms around my body as I lean in and kiss his oddly familiar lips.

“I love you, Aust. That was amazing.” Samara’s breathless words bring me back to reality and I collapse again at her side, still in her.

I lay there as she hugs me and I feel the tears falling down my face. I’ve failed everyone I have loved and who love me, by allowing myself to give in to the dark desires. My family, Samara, and my friends, will they all turn from me now? How will I ever prevent them finding out? I try to push these images back within me, but is it already too late as I hunger to see my guy again?

Later, as Samara falls asleep with one arm across my chest, I feel shame washing over me. I turn away from her, too disgusted to allow myself to be hugged by a woman I don’t deserve. The tears flood from me. I don’t remember when I fall asleep, but when I do, the dark images come to plague me even more.



I knew when I saw this guy I’d be having a little more fun in here than Kelly will be happy with. I begin by dancing, rubbing myself against him and touching him wherever I want. He is short and balding, but has a decent body for a guy his age and I know from experience the older ones know what to do. As I move against him, I feel everywhere, checking for a wire, some kind of recording device that may suggest he’s a cop. Satisfied when I find nothing, I begin to un-hook the chain that connects my thong and collar, all the while staring at him and smiling.

“How about we make this a little more interesting?” I ask as I step away, turning my back to him.

I bend over, allowing him to see my arse in all its waxed glory, as I lower the thong to the floor. Looking behind me I can see his hungry eyes staring at my hole, wanting to fill it with his mouth, fingers, and cock, but my ass won’t be his tonight. Spreading my legs further so he can see my large cock fall between them, I look between them and wink. He licks his lips; all the while touching himself. I stand tall again and look back over my shoulder, grinning. The expression on his face tells me he’s happy where this encounter is going. I turn slowly and show him my nine inch cock and walk towards him, tensing my abs.

“Daddy like?” I ask, looking down at him.

“Daddy fucking love!” He slurs, looking from my cock to my face and back again, licking his lips.

Taking my semi hard cock in my hand, I slap him across the face with it, laughing. He groans and I use my dick to slap him on the mouth.

“Is Daddy hungry?”

“Fucking starving,” he whimpers, parting his lips for me.

I shove the tip of my cock in his mouth and pull it out again, not giving him a chance to fully lock his lips around me. His pout of frustration sends shudders up my spine and I slap his face with my cock again, then repeat the action. As I try for a third time, he is ready for me and locks his lips vice like around my cock. Even as I try to pull back, I know he has me and he isn’t letting go.

Experience definitely comes with age.

The man begins sucking my cock like it’s his favourite lollipop and he’s been told he has to eat it up fast. I’m standing before him as he sucks and strokes my dick with one hand, and squeezes my balls with the other. This is how a cock should be sucked! It still irritates me that so many get it wrong and think just putting it in your mouth and moving your lips up and down is enough. He licks the end, still wanking, and tries to get his tongue down my slit. The pain is imense and I bite down on my lip, stopping myself from moaning out in pain. As he goes back to sucking, the groans he makes sends vibrations all over every inch of my length, adding to the pleasure he gives me with his tongue. As his teeth begin to join in the action, I can feel my body tingling all over and know I don’t have long. He senses my reaction and starts sucking and biting more, working my cock harder and pulling on my balls. I scream out as I release cum down his throat.

“Fuck! Yes! Fucking yes, YES!” I scream, falling forward and grabbing the wall behind him for support so I won’t fall over.

A little of my jiz can be felt dribble down my leg. My load must be too much for him, but he stops sucking me to catch it with his tongue as he glides up my thigh. He goes back to swallowing me some more and looks up at me, with hunger in his eyes.

Well, if he wants more, I will just have to give him that.

Grabbing his head I pull him towards me, forcing my cock down his tight throat. His moans are sounds I am used to. No matter who they come from, they all sound the same. He grabs each cheek of my arse, forcing himself further down my cock as I began fucking his face. This guy’s a pro and has no gag reflex, with a throat that is far better than any arse I might have needed tonight. I fuck his face, banging my balls against his chin until I again fill his throat. Amazing! No dribbles this time.

When I’m done, I pull out of his mouth, pushing him backwards as I bend over to pull my thong up. I got what I wanted and I turn to leave the room.

“Thanks, Gramps,” I say, my hand already on the door handle.

“You’re one gorgeous fucking boy. Such a tasty cock,” he tells me. I look back at him, seeing some of myself still hanging on his chin. “When can I see you again?”

“Whenever you can pay the £100,” I tell him and walk from the room, closing the door behind me.

I’m not even a few steps from the private rooms when I hear her voice.

“You’re supposed to dance, not let them suck you off!” Kelly says, standing near the entrance.

“Kelly Jones, you little pervert. Were you watching me? You know, all you have to do is pay and you can get fucked the Tommy way too,” I tease, smiling and leaning my elbow against the wall, my face not far from hers.

“Darling, I don’t want an STD,” she says, causing me to laugh.

“Anyway, it gets the punters in, doesn’t it? And I had an itch,” I tell her.

“Yes, I think I saw him swallowing said itch,” she laughs. “Back on stage. Your audience awaits.”

“They always do,” I muse, making my way over to the stage that Daniel is still dancing on. I climb up behind him, pulling him into me and speak in his ear, just enough for him alone to hear. “Let’s give the guys a real show.”

I spend the rest of the night dancing with Daniel, his ever firming erection delighting my stage, before I leave him high and dry and head home after my shift, ready for my shoot with Emily in the morning.



Samara left this morning, heading back to university with a spring in her step. A spring I gave her, but was never intended to be hers. In just one night, I’d managed to let my inner self consume me to a point I fear I may never be able to return from.

Sitting at my desk, still naked from my shower where I spent an hour trying to clean myself of the dirty images, but to no avail. I browse the internet for details for an essay I’m supposed to be doing for my science class, trying to distract myself and ignore the ever nagging inner voice. As much as I try not to, my hands keep trying to take over and type in what I really want to be looking at. My other self keeps screaming in my head.


It’s so difficult to keep control of myself, to lock away my inner demons back behind the gates in my mind. After an hour I give up, knowing I won’t get anything done, and I let him take over my fingers, type into Google: gay porn. My computer screen is filled with websites, images and videos to feed any desire. I can already feel my cock hardening and I put my hands around it and stroke myself, as I take in the view filling my screen.

I’m not stupid, I know allowing my inner self some freedom last night has unlocked a small door in my head and allowed him to have more control. New sexual passions are rushing through me as countless semi naked men smile at me from my desktop. My hand shakes as I click the mouse onto the first link and am presented with a video of a group of men, being sucked and fucked by one another. Acts are carried out that never even crossed my mind, positions I never even thought possible yet am eager to try.

Fuck! Why me?

This version of myself, who I know will upset so many, is stroking his cock and luring on images of these strangers that entice me. This person I wish I had the strength not to be is giving into the excitement of a new world, one filled with so many desires I can no longer ignore. It takes just seconds before I feel cum explode from me, covering my chest.

“FUCKKK!” I exclaim, shameful tears pooling in my eyes.

As I relax back in my seat, allowing my heart rate to slow back to normal, I stare back at the screen as cum makes its way down my chest, and I see an advertisement pop up.


Home of your innermost desires.

Leeds City Centre. Come and watch our boys dance. 

I realise then I’m looking at details of a gay strip joint in the city centre. The advert says that its very discreet, and my inner self is screaming in my head this is where we need to be, the place we can be alive, where nobody will know us.

I sit and wonder…



Fuck, Emily is a bossy cow. I forgot how demanding her shoots can be. Two hours, two! All spent talking, pretending I’m a straight guy short on cash and it’s my first time with men. Who the hell cares? When was the last time anyone listened to talking in porn? She just wasn’t happy with my acting, or the dialogue. Not so shocking though, she had no grumbles with the sex scenes, and that is where my strengths lie. I spent the next hour sucking some guy’s dick to the point of jaw lock, before two hours of fucking and being fucked with short breaks in between. Oh well, nice £1000 earned for a few hours of doing something I would do for free. Can’t say I don’t have job satisfaction.

When Emily allow’s me to call it a day, I decide to hit the gym before my next shift at Halo. I’m knackered, but you don’t get a body like mine by sitting around.

I can’t complain, life is great and doesn’t get better than this. I have sex on tap and, in most cases, I get paid for it. Fuck yeah! I am lucky that I’m free from the emotional crap of relationships. The longest one I’ve had was a weekend, and that was because he was great in bed and I had the time to kill from work. As soon as life called again, it was bye, bye what’s his name.

Even if I wanted one, which I don’t, I don’t have time for anything long term. I work pretty much seven days a week. Thursday to Sunday, I work at the club, and go to the gym during the days. Mondays to Wednesdays, I work as an escort and the odd home visit here and there. Throw in the odd porn shoot when Emily needs me, and I’m booked up.

Do I feel dirty, used, immoral? No way. This is my choice and if I wasn’t getting paid for it, I would still be doing it. The cash is the bonus and I enjoy my work. I love my uncomplicated life and why would I change that? Thank fuck I live in a promiscuous world where pretty much everyone hungers for as much sex as I do.

The small-minded can go fuck themselves!



I can’t believe I am doing this, standing in the dark of a small alcove across from Halo! I allow the shadows of the 9:30 night sky to blanket me from view of passersby. I don’t want to be seen here. Not that I think people from my classes come into this part of town, but I have to be careful. Over and over I’ve reminded myself I’m only here to see if this is in fact what I want, while hoping it isn’t. I can’t risk being seen and allow word to get out that I’m gay. Not if last night could have been a one off.

The club is situated in the heart of the gay area of Leeds, under a small viaduct and I stand frozen, staring at it, wondering what awaits me inside. I’m terrified of making this step, yet excited at the same time. Even my inner self, who was so determined I come here, remains silent and trembling inside my head. Everything within me is on lockdown as I just stand and stare.

After several minutes, the ever-present voice in my head whispers:

Move Austin. You can’t stand here, you have to go in. You have to know if this is what you want, or if it’s a phase.

I can feel my legs stepping forward, crossing the street, guiding me to the entrance. It’s as if someone else is controlling me. The doorman steps aside for me to enter, allowing me to go through the main door. I hurry inside as I hear people approaching behind me, causing fear to hit me as I think I know the voices. I stand inside and finally breathe out when I know the voices have moved on and not followed me inside. I’m frozen to the spot. It’s only when I hear her speak that I even notice the cashier sitting there, smiling.

“First time?” She asks me. She’s sat behind a sheet of glass that divides us both, a small till next to her with a computer. Behind her is another door that looks to lead to a cloakroom.

“Yes,” I smile, shyly.

“Then welcome to Halo. My name is Jane and this club is run by Charles Jones and his daughter, Kelly. There are only a few rules.” She tells me, never seeming to stop to take a breath. “Rule one, you do not touch the dancers or staff. You want that kind of action then you pay. Rule two, no masturbation unless you’re in a private room, and that you gotta pay for. And three, no sex!” She tells me. “Entrance fee is £20 and I need to see some ID.”

I know the price is crazy, but I’m too nervous to argue now that I am here. I hand her the cash and my student ID to show I am nineteen.

“You’re good to go. Have fun. Not too much fun now, Austin,” she says, laughing. “We keep your ID until you leave when it’s your first time, so I can register you into the system.” She points to the double doors in front of me.

As I walk, I feel a mixture of excitement and sickness all at once. I tentatively reach for the door and push forward, entering. The scene I’m greeted by makes my jaw drop.

I knew the place would be different to the straight club’s I’m used to, and the sight before my eyes is just that. Small stages, no bigger than tables, are placed in random parts of the large room. I count eight. On each there is a dancer surrounded by men throwing cash at them, or putting cash into the clothes they wear. In most cases, what they wear is as little as a thong and I can see notes hanging out of small garments. Instant erection forces itself against my jeans and suddenly I’m the fourteen year old boy again, the one who has an erection in class and has to go to the front to point something out. I look around embarrassed, spot the bar, and walk over. I can order a drink while my groin decides to let me take control again.

As I approach the bar, a barmaid greets me. She’s around my age and gives off the impression of authority.

“Hey there. My name’s Kelly. What’s your poison?” She asks me, smiling, showing her bright white teeth.

“Er… well, a pint of beer please.” I go for the safe option so I don’t have to look around the bar too much.

Kelly begins getting my drink ready, smiling all the time. I look behind me into the room again. The place is packed, with waitresses taking drink orders from slobbering men. I see the dancers and snap my head back to the bar, not wanting them to see me looking.

“Not seen you here before. Halo virgin?” She asks, handing me my drink. “£4.50 please.”

Damn, this place is expensive.

I hand her a ten pound note and she sorts my change. I keep my head down, not making eye contact. I hear her giggle as she carries on, trying to engage conversation.

“Well, my father owns this place. It’s our family business. Jane will have explained the rules to you when you came in. All I ask is that you respect these rules! You can pretty much do anything here except touch a dancer, unless you’re in a private room and even then, no sex!” She tells me, putting emphasis on the ‘no sex’ part. I nod to show her I understand. “Good. Now a private dance is simple to sort. You see a dancer you like, then come tell me and I will book you in. £100 gets you a twenty minute dance. You can also go up to a dancer’s table and watch a close dance, and that’s £15 for ten minutes. All private dances are watched by a security team through a security camera. You break the rules and you’re out. Okay?” I nod, which makes her smile again. “Great. Enjoy your night, mate,” she tells me, before walking off to serve another customer.

I want to leave, I know that now. This is the wrong place for me. All I want to do is enjoy my drink and go. I need to get home, push my inner self back where he belongs, inside. I need to focus on a life I will be having with Samara. I turn around to look for a seat somewhere and I see one not far from me, near an empty table. My erection has eased a little and I sit down, waiting for it to go.

Taking a sip of my beer, I allow my eyes to gaze again around the room. It’s then I notice, on a small stage in the middle of the room, a man dancing, moving his body to every beat, working it like an expert. As I watch him, I feel my cock throb again and I can’t push my betraying thoughts away this time. My eyes are glued on this one beautiful man and I hold my breath, my inner self-smiling at him with hunger.



I say this a lot, but it’s always true. I am without a word of a lie, fucking amazing! I have central stage tonight, music blasting to Sexy And I Know It, my anthem, and all eyes are on me as they should be. All the men at my table are again touching themselves, drooling over what I have to give. I can even see the men at the other tables turning towards mine, looking in my direction, desperate for a spot to open so they can get a closer view. I laugh as I notice the dancers looking towards me, all-willing to fall to their knees, desperate for just one more fuck.

Damn right I’ve fucked all the dancers here, but do they bitch about me, call me a slag? No, they’re too busy falling over themselves to have me again. I am a twenty two year old sex addict, and men throw themselves at me. Who wouldn’t love that? I make it a rule never to fuck the same guy twice. What’s the point? Once I have had my fill of them, which is at least three times in a night, and possibly them fucking me, I move on. Done.

My outfit tonight is a thong made from a netting material so the guys have chance to see all I have on offer if they sit close enough. I have a matching vest that is ripped off just past my pecks, leaving the rest of me covered in baby oil and body glitter. I’m sparkling for my boys.

Tonight is all about the music and tips; with ease I can ignore all the faces around me and have myself a one man disco. I’m here to party for free and get paid for it. Not a lot of people in the world can say that.

I don’t notice him at first. I’m in my own little world and I don’t see him sitting there nervously at the table near the bar, staring up at me. As I look in his direction, my eyes lock with his and I know, Daddy likes.

He sits there with his light, honey coloured curls resting on his head, falling to his cheek bones. His slim arms raise his drink to his soft pink lips and as I wink at him, he drops it, allowing the glass to bounce off the table and smash to the floor. I laugh as he fumbles around, trying to clear the mess up, helping the waitress who runs over. Even under the strobe lights, I know he has gone a deep red in the face.

Looks like I have a winner.

The lucky guy I will be taking home tonight, one I am gonna make see stars as I fuck him. He looks around my age and fit enough to keep up, to keep me satisfied while I make him pass out from pleasure.

He sees me looking, sees the hunger in my eyes, and I know he wants me too.

Wait, is he leaving?

“Fuck, that’s new!” I mumble.



Damn, what an idiot! I jump to my feet the instant my eyes meet with the dancer.


I need to get out of here and fast! Get back to my room and back to trying to make things right with Samara. I can do this; I can live the life I am supposed to, the straight life with her. I can do this.

I begin moving to the door, through the perving men who seem to be looking at me and smiling. Self-consciousness begins to consume me, forcing me to look at my feet and keep heading in the direction of the door.

Why the hell are they looking at me? They have the dancers to look at. I am nothing of interest. I only spilled a drink and it wasn’t even that much.

I can see the door. I’m getting closer to my nice, normal life. Back to the things I know. Freedom will soon be mine.

All too late, I notice the firm, almost naked body in front of me as I crash into it. I would have fallen back if his arms hadn’t reached out and caught me. I recognise this sculpted chest; it’s the dancer from the stage. I keep my head down and try to sidestep out of his way to carry on in the direction I was heading.

“Excuse me,” I say, trying to pass him.

I’m forced to stop when he grabs me again and steps in front of me.

“Going so soon?” He asks, over the loud music.

His voice sends shivers through me and my cock begins to throb.

No, not now, not with him here!

“I was hoping to give you a private dance.” With a gentle hand he guides my head up to his; my eyes are the last things to move as they gaze up and connect with his.

It feels like we are the last two people in the room, like the whole club melted away around us and it’s me and him staring at each other. He takes my hand and starts guiding me away from the exit, to the other side of the bar to another doorway.

“Wait… I… I don’t…” I stammer, but my words seem to fall on deaf ears.

“Don’t worry. This one’s on the house,” he tell me with an air of confidence, still guiding me to the door with the words Rooms 1-6 written above.

Looking behind me, I can see Kelly standing at the bar. She checks a black folder she’s holding, then scowls in our direction, shaking her head. I gulp, but part of me still allows this guy to guide me into the room. As the door closes behind us, I find myself standing in a small corridor with three doors on either side of us. He checks each room until he finds an empty one, room four, and opens up and takes me inside. I’m shaking, yet I can still feel my cock wanting to harden; no matter how scared I am I seem to be forever aroused with my inner self jumping for joy.

How easily I’m betrayed by desires I wish I could ignore.

Inside the room is tiny, all the walls are covered by mirrors, and there’s a pole in the centre and a wooden chair a few feet away. The dancer pushes me into the seat then falls to his knees, staring up at me and smiling. He licks his lips as he forces my legs apart and slowly slides his hands up my thighs until he rests them either side of my groin. A mix of panic and pleasure envelopes me all at once and I try to control myself, to get back up and leave. I don’t budge an inch though, held in place by emotions of want I cannot control. He grinds his whole body through my thighs up my chest, past my face so that his loaded thong is in front of me.

Saliva fills my mouth like an ocean, hungry for him to let me have his cock. Part of me wants to open up and take all of him within it, suck down so hard on his cock and drink all he has to give me. He glides back down to his knees again, his smooth chest a lickable distance away. My cock is hard against my jeans and I want him to remove it from its caging, allow him to begin pleasuring me in a way I’ve never been pleasured before.


I stop the thoughts. Have to get out of here before I do something I regret, but I find myself talking when I should remain silent and run into the night.

“What’s… your name?” I ask, my voice shaky.

He moves up me again, leans his face into mine, brushing our lips together. When he bites my lower, trembling lip he causes my body to vibrate before he moves to work on biting my right ear lobe.

“Do you give a fuck what my name is?” He asks, nibbling my lobe some more.

My cock is killing me as it presses harder at my jeans, my heartbeat racing ahead of me as he chews more. He turns me on so much that I want to grab him and rip his thong off with my teeth, fuck him senseless then bend over for him and see how it feels to have someone inside me.


“I. . . have to leave. . . now!” I demand, trying to get to my feet. He forces me back down and wraps each leg around me, straddling my body.

“I don’t think you want to leave. In fact, I can feel you want to stay.” Saying the word ‘feel’ as his hand goes to my groin grabbing my erection. He pushes his hand down the waist of my jeans as he kisses my neck and wraps his hand around my cock, shocking me back to life.

“NO!” I say, throwing him off me with a strength I didn’t know I had.

I rush out the room, through the men in the club, and out into the night. I don’t stop running until I’m back home, collapsed on my bed with tears falling from my eyes as I try to catch my breath.



I lay against the wall, laughing to myself while I take in what happened. The thin guy had managed to throw me off; had actually refused my advances.

Fuck, that is a first.

I love a challenge.



Author Note

Please be sure to check out all the other authors, and thank you for taking the time to read my update


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