Chapter Two

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I leave the room, looking around the bar for him. Even in the bustle of hungry men, I know he’s gone. Wow, he’s fast on his feet. I’m consumed with the need to know how fast he is in the bedroom. I hope he is a bossy bottom, the kind I like.

I can see Kelly storming her way across the floor through her customers who move out of her way, knowing not to mess with the her when she has that look in her eye. One that says she’s in for the kill so you better not push her. I groan to myself, knowing where this is going before she even utters a word.

“Tom! What the fuck! Did he pay for that? This isn’t Halo, charity for the over sexed, this is a business!” She yells up at me, making the guys close by turn round and watch.

I often wonder if she ever breathes when she’s in one of her rages like this. She never stops yelling to have a intake of breath.

“Kelly, babe! I am your most in demand dancer and make you more then enough cash, so I can throw one freebie. Anyway, he didn’t even take up five minutes of my time. Call it my coffee break,” I tell her, smugly.

Trying to calm the woman down sometimes is a job in itself, sometimes it’s easier to nod and smile than antagonise her.

“Wow, the Tom Parks only lasting five minutes. You must be getting old,” she says, far too loudly.

I see the men still looking, their ears pricked back, loving the scene playing out a feet from them. Grabbing her arm, I pull her away from flapping ears.

“Bitch, you trying to ruin me? You know they heard all that! And anyway, I never last five minutes. The freak ran off. Did you see where he went?” I ask, looking around the club again. Her laugh makes me turn back to her.

“Really, Tom, you lost one? You must be losing your touch. Either that or someone finally saw sense and decided to escape. Poor baby, guess it’s just you and your right hand tonight,” she says in her bitchiest voice.

Fucking cow.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find him and add him to my list. Nobody’s got past me before and I’m damned if I will let this little fucker do that. Can’t have him diminishing my rep!” I say, while wondering how I will find the little shit in Leeds.

“I bet you will, too. Shame you don’t know his name,” she says, holding an ID card in her hand as she tries to walk back to the bar.

“Kelly, is that? Give!” I reach out, suddenly aware she has his ID card, meaning I will be one step closer to fucking him.

She laughs, dodging me, side stepping out of my way. I am too fast for her. I get her in a headlock with one hand and use my other to grab the ID from her flapping arms as she tries to get out my grasp.

“Fuck Tom, that hurt!” She growls when I free her. “Damn, are you always this rough? No wonder all the men want you!”

“Hmmm,” is all I say as I look at the card in my hands.

A weird feeling invades my stomach, one I’ve not felt before, but I push the sensation away and look at the card as if I have the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. I groan at the fact I’ll soon be licking his body greedily, just like the fat kid in the chocolate river.

“Wow, Tom. By the look on your face, I’d say you like that guy. Will wonders never cease?” Kelly teases, walking back to the bar shaking her head.

I ignore her comments, turning my attention back to the student ID card for Austin Mann. That feeling hits me again. I can’t be hungry; I just ate! I ignore it and walk to the bar to grab a Coke before resuming my dance. Slipping the card in my thong I smile, knowing his face is against my cock and very soon this will be a reality.

I lose myself in the music while I think of pounding the arse of Austin Mann



Anger rushes through me.

Why did I even go there?

Why did I let this happen?

I should have stayed here, in my room, away from such distractions!

In a moment of weakness I allowed myself to go there, allowed my inner self to rule me. Never again! I stare at myself in the mirror, disgusted by my reflection. Where I was once just Austin Mann, I’m now a vermin of my original self. I’m what my family have always instilled in me to hate and I will just do that, hate me! An unfamiliar rage fills my once quiet persona, causing sharp tears to escape me.


I want to forget this night and move on. I was never there and never will I go back again!


As much as I try, and I am trying, I cannot get him from my mind. I close my eyes and there he is, dancing just for me. I open my eyes and I can still see him smiling. The dancer. My already unhealthy obsession fills my every thought. He’s done something to me, opened up the gate in my head even more and left the latch off. I can feel the tears falling faster from my eyes, burning me with their shame.

His face in my head is stopping me from breathing. I look at my reflection again, but this time it’s not me looking back. It’s him and his intoxicating smile. Panic fills every vein in my body, pumping my blood, staining it with my confusion.

“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I scream and punch the mirror with all my fears and frustrations.

All the wants I have for him, but don’t want to accept, go into that punch. Glass and blood fly everywhere with a burning pain to follow that fills my hand, forcing me to pull it into me and hold it.

“FUCK!” I yell at the pain and fall to the floor crying, gripping my hand to my chest, trying to stop the bleeding.

I know how much I want him, how much I regret leaving him when I did, but all I can see is Samara and my family before my eyes when I think of even going back. I know I can never allow the true me to live. My family will all hate me as much as I do myself, so I know I can never go back. I know that for me to be the true me I would have to hurt so many, but if I stay as I am, I am only hurting myself.

I can live with that, can’t I?


Later that night, after cleaning my hand and realising the cuts are not deep enough for stitches, I wrap it in a bandage and lay on my bed feeling empty. Staring into the darkness of my room, I allow the shadows to blanket me and shield my shame. To disguise the ugliness I hold within my darkening heart. To turn a light on would mean I would see myself and right now, that’s the last thing I want.

When sleep comes to claim me, my thoughts guide me unwilling into a dream.

I’m at a wedding, my wedding, but it’s me walking down the aisle. Not Samara, not like it should be. My father holds my arm, but he won’t look at me. He looks ahead, ignoring all attempts I make to ask him what’s happening. His arm isn’t in mine like a father who would walk his daughter toward her betrothed. He’s gripping my arm above the elbow so tight I can feel the pain increasing. I realise then he isn’t walking me down the aisle, but forcing me down, pushing me towards the alter. I stare all around me, at the family and friends I know should be here on my happy occasion, but there’s no love in their faces. They all glare at me, shout that they hate me and that I have brought shame to them all.


I’m marrying Samara. They want me to marry her, don’t they?

Horror and confusion plague me when I see her in the seats too, not waiting at the front for me. I know then I’m not here to marry Samara. She sits at the first row of seats, all in black, crying into her mother’s shoulder.

“Why Tom, why?” She asks me, but I can’t answer. I can’t speak, my voice won’t utter a word. “Why don’t you love me anymore?” she’s saying. “I loved you and only you, but you loved HIM!” I follow her arm with my gaze as it extends towards the altar.

It is then that I see him and my heart skips a beat.

There, standing at the altar, is the dancer smiling towards me, dressed in a white silk, skin tight shirt. The shirt stops just above his belly button and then he is naked until my eyes fall on his thong that is covered in so many diamonds that the light reflecting from it is blinding. I feel desire drawing me towards him like a magpie to some shiny object, but the cries from Samara makes me want to run to her and tell her things will be okay, that I won’t marry him if she doesn’t want me too.

Before I can decide on what option I would rather do, my father throws me at the dancer’s feet.

“There, have your wicked, disgusting life!” He yells at me and goes to stand with my mother, who won’t look in my direction.

I feel the dancer’s hands lifting me to my feet, but I cannot take my eyes off the guests, all of them looking disgusted and shouting at us. They’re saying hurtful things like we should kill ourselves. Then his hand guides my face towards him.

“If they can’t accept you, then they never loved you,” he tells me, smiling with what I hope is equal adoration.

My eyes lock to his and happiness fills me with a warmth of fire as I gaze into his depths. His eyes tell me he could make me happy, make my life complete, more than it can with Samara.

Somehow, I believe this is true and know this is right.

Her screams pull my attention back to the moment, forcing my head to turn in her direction. Samara is standing near the altar, slashing her arms with her fingernails and screaming.

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” She cries, pointing at me with such force that the blood from her cuts splatter us both.

The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt her like this. My Samara, the beautiful girl who used to sneak into my room so we could sleep together and not be alone is now hurting in a way I can never help her.

The dancer steps between us so I’m protected from the hate in everyone’s eyes. I would be proud, full of love by his actions, but the mayhem that follows stops me from doing anything.

The dancer is grabbed from the altar by Samara and my father. They, as well as the other guests, are all beating him, covering his beautiful face with blood, so much it turns his white outfit a bright red.

I want to scream his name, to tell him I will help him, but I don’t know his name; we never got that far. All I can yell is no, in hopes they’ll stop hurting him. It works. They all stop and turn their attention to me, the people I know who love me.

It’s not love I see in their eyes, but hatred. They come at me, raising their fists, and I know it’s my turn to be taught a lesson by their hand. To learn my place, as my father would say.

Fear fills me the nearer they get, the closer I come to my lesson, but as they reach me I’m shocked awake to the safety of my lonely dark room.

I sit bolt upright in my bed, sweat covering me. It hurts to breathe. I want to fall into the dancer’s arms, but I know I can’t. I’m alone in my room. I know if I never want that awful, hate filled dream to be a reality, then I need to make some changes.

I have to call Samara and check she’s okay. Even though I know it was a dream, I still need to hear her voice. I see the clock as I grab my mobile. It’s 2:30 AM, but it doesn’t stop me dialling.

I hear her sleepy voice after a few short rings. “H… hello… Austin, you okay?”

“Fine babe. I just had a bad dream and wanted to call you to hear your voice.”

“Aww, baby. You sure you’re okay?” Her kind voice puts a lump in my throat.

How could I be doing this to her?

“Yeah, I will be. Sorry I woke you. Go back to sleep,” I say.

“Okay. I love you,” Samara says.

It takes me a while, but I reply.

“I love you, too.” And I do, I just don’t know how I love her. She hangs up and I spend the rest of the night lying awake, thinking of the dream and my future living a lie with the woman I know who loves me.

Why can’t I be normal?


For the next three weeks, I lose myself in my studies, forgetting that night. I push everything to the back of my mind and firmly close the gate on my inner self, despite his pleads to be let out so we can be happy. I get on with my life, making sure my work is completed and I maintain high grades. I put myself on the path to a successful future.

Everything was going to plan. I was coming to terms, getting more heterosexual. I could sense my guise taking over. It was all going so well until that day in my lecture when he burst through the door, shattering the foundations of my lie.



Leeds isn’t that big, not really, especially not when you’re a student. You have to, at some point, turn up at the university, right?

Well, it took me three fucking weeks to track this guy down, three! This is the longest I’ve ever spent on one guy and I have only seen the git once!

Okay, well it maybe took less time than that, but I have a job, and then there are all the lovelies on campus that were too nice to pass up. I can’t just go loitering around the university all day. It’s boring and these guys are a nice distraction.

It makes a change, I mean, I have never been to this part of Leeds before. Why would I? Yet, now I’m here I know what I have being missing. There are so many hot university guys. I mean, one minute I am keeping my eye out for Austin and the next, my eye catches that of another. Before you know it, I’m in their hall of residence fucking them for most of the afternoon. My only frustration though is that no matter who I’m fucking, I just can’t seem to get Austin Fucking Mann out of my head! No matter what they look like, I keep seeing his face and it’s frustrating. It’s like I’m being tormented because he got away. I know that once I have him I can fuck him, then finally get back to the normality of sleeping around without his face popping into my head.

I hate this new experience; me chasing a guy like some love sick teenager. I have never chased a guy before. Fuck, they’ve never left me without letting me fuck them first! I will not let him get away from me, giving Kelly the satisfaction of knowing that I lost one.

Get him!

Fuck him!

Move on!

That’s the plan.

I used my fucking around the university to find out if anyone actually knew this Austin guy. It was my own little investigation. Most didn’t know who he was, but some did and then others did, and I got closer and closer to my goal. Each ejaculation was like another clue to finding him.

Man, I love uni kids. Each of them fucking their way through their education, away from the watchful eyes of their families, free to do what and who they want. My kind of people. Well, not the education crap, but I know how families can fuck you up. That I understand. Now though is not the time to remember my fucked up family.

All my fucking around has led me here, to this door outside a lecture hall where my last fuck assured me he would be. My dick throbbed, letting me know it was hungry for him, hungry to have him. I lick my lips as I open the door and enter.

Universities are really like they are in the crappy TV shows, lecturer at the front with everyone else hanging on their every word. Geeks!

Every head turns in my direction as I close the door behind me. I grin to myself. It’s like Halo, only I have clothes on.

“Can I help you?” The lecturer asks me.

“Fuck no. I ain’t here for this shit, I’m looking for…” I look around the room of heads staring at me and I see him in the back row.

“Him!” I say, pointing at Austin. My cock starts to harden as I see him.

Not yet, boy, but soon. Time to play soon.



I follow everyone’s gaze to the door, startled by the interruption of the boring lecture. It’s a small blessing. I didn’t recognise the guy at the door at first. Why was he pointing at me? It’s then that shock floods me as realisation set in. Obviously the fact that he had clothes on threw me.

“Oh shit!” I say under my breath. How the fuck did he find me? What was he doing here?

His face has a massive grin plastered on it as he walks towards me, causing my heart to fall in my stomach. I can feel the inner me trying to get out inside my head, banging at the gates I locked him behind. I try to ignore it as the dancer walks up towards me.

He is wearing a pink T-shirt like someone has painted it on him. It’s so tight you can see every single muscle below it. The same goes for his jeans and my eyes wander to his groin, wondering if he has a thong on. My mouth slowly drops open and hangs there. I can’t seem to get control to close it and I know I must look a sight.

The inner me is screaming in my head to be let out, to have the dancer. The closer he gets to me, the more I feel movement in my crotch with the gates banging in my mind.

Let me out, let him have us, let him fuck us. Words scream within me.

Every eye in the room is on him, women and men, all looking up at this tall muscular man walking toward me. I know without looking that they all have that look in their eye, the hungry look all the men at Halo had. I want to disappear, get away before he gets too close and breaks all the hard work I did these past few weeks on controlling myself.

“Mr. Mann, who is this young man?” Mr. Stevens, the lecturer, asks.

“He is, erm, my…” My mind is blank. It never goes blank.

“Brother.” I look up at the dancer who just answered for me.

“And does your brother, who so rudely interrupted us, have a name?” Mr Stevens asks again. I see the dancer grinning, never taking his eyes off mine.


I can’t call him the dancer to my lecturer and my class. They will know he isn’t my brother.

“Tom,” the dancer replied again. His name is Tom? I can’t take my eyes off him. All words escape me. “And Mother needs me to take Austin here home. Family emergency. Come brother, family calls,” he says, winking at me with that grin still on his face and a little bit too much drama in his voice.

“Yes, please go. You have disrupted my class enough. Get out,” Mr Stevens orders.

I wasn’t aware that I was moving. It took me a few moments to notice that I had got up, gathered my things and began walking, following Tom without question. I didn’t even know we left the class until the door closed behind me with a thud and I was left alone with Tom. What the fuck was I doing here, with him? I go to turn back on myself, get away from him, but he grabs me, stopping me.

“Oh no Mr. It’s taken me three weeks to find you. You ain’t getting away this time!” He Says.

He pulls me close to him, causing me to gasp. I’m suddenly aware of students making their way through the corridors around me, making me self conscious. What if they think I am gay like him? This is how rumours start and I could live without that, thank you. I try to pull away but he grabs me around the waist, pulling me into him. I can sense the students judging eyes on me, but I can’t pull from his grasp.

“What are you doing here?” I demand with a mixture of frustration and passion building up inside me.

Why did he come looking for me? What did he want? I was happy. I was getting back on track, back to the Austin I should be, not like him.

I shake with anger, the same anger that built up within me when I punched the mirror. The small scares of that day burn on my hand as if the pain is back, here to haunt me again. I glare up at him but as I look into his eyes the anger seems to fade, almost as if he is absorbing it from me. I just stand looking at his face, losing myself in his beauty. I can feel my inner self crashing against the gates in my head, pleading for me to give into him, for me to make the change my body yearns for.

“I came to see you, of course. I was worried when you left the club so fast that night.” He smiles down at me. His bright blue eyes sparkle, adding even more beauty to his flawless face. I struggle to gain control of my breathing as he continues to speak, letting go of his grip on me. “Are you Okay?”

“F-fine. I am fine, but you can’t be here. You have to leave.” I plead with him, hoping he understands.

His smile falters for a small second and I sense a small insecurity for just a moment but it’s gone before I even question it further.

“I am not leaving here without you. You want me to leave, then come too. Otherwise, I’m staying!” He says, folding his arms across his chest and smirking.

Is he serious? He wouldn’t actually stay here until I go with him, would he?

Where does he expect me to go? I can’t be seen out in public with a stripper! It suddenly hits me. This is the guy who spent three weeks looking for me. I gulp. He would actually wait all day.


That leaves only one option, and I am not sure if I like that.

“Okay then, you will have to come back to my room so you can say what ever it is you wish to say. I guess.”


“But you are only there to talk!”

My inner self is jumping for joy, knowing that a small part of me is hoping we do more than talk.



Well, not that I doubted myself, but I have him in my grasp and now he is leading me to his room at the university halls. I can feel my cock begin to throb for him as we walk and although he says we are only going to talk, I know there will be more. I follow behind him for a while, checking out his tight little arse. It’s like two eggs in a handkerchief. Perfect, and I can’t wait to finally fuck it. I will fuck him all day and night for making me wait this long, making me hunt him down like some desperate pervert. I speed up my walk so I am at his side. I know he is desperate to get me back to his place so he isn’t seen with me, but I don’t care. It just means I am closer to my goal.

I know he is a virgin, well, in the gay world anyway. He is too uncomfortable around me to be anything else. My guess is he is in a relationship with some stupidly naive girl and he is just realising he is gay. Better to realise now then when he has four kids and pushing daisies.

I will happily break that virgin arse. I lean my hand around and squeeze it firmly. He pulls away in shock, just as I expected.

“What the hell are you doing? People could see us! I am not gay!” He snaps at me which only makes me harder, more determined to fuck him.

“Of course you’re not. Your lust for pussy sent you to the club, not the lust for cock,” I say, rather loudly to shock passers by. As expected, he blushes and rushes me into the halls of residence out of earshot.

“You can’t say that here!” He demands, taking the stairs two at a time. His arse looks perfect as it bounces up each step and I imagine what it will look like bouncing around on my cock. “Quick, follow me.”

We run up eight flights of stairs. I am impressed by his obvious stamina as we enter a landing and he rushes me into his room.

His is like all the rest: a single bed, mini fridge, desk, wardrobe, and a small door leading to the toilet and washbasin. I allow my dirty mind to take me to the gutter as I think of the communal showers. Now that’s fucking hot.

He walks around his room, nervously tidying things that clearly don’t need it as his room is perfectly clean. He carries on anyway, fidgeting to distract himself from me in the room. Fuck that’s so cute. That feeling pops up again in my stomach which clearly can’t be hunger but I can’t put my finger on what it is. He turns and nervously smiles at me, only slightly making eye contact. For a second, I thought my heart had stopped beating. What the fuck? This is a new kind of hunger for sex for me!

He has on some loose fitting jeans that are more fitted around the butt area, perfect, and a loose fitted tee which only makes him look hotter as his body is hidden from me. I really want to rip his clothes off and make his room a lot more messy.

“I, erm… would you like a drink?” Austin asks me, walking over to his fridge and bending down to the bottom shelf in an obvious attempt to show me his perfect ass. “I have some Cokes,” he says, standing and offering me one, slightly shaking.

“Thanks,” I say, smiling before opening the bottle.

I bend my head back as I gulp the drink down, always looking at him and flexing all my muscles. I allow a very small amount of liquid to escape my lips and travel down my chin, neck, and onto my chest, which causes the reaction in him I was hoping for. His lip trembles as he follows the small amount of Coke. Had I been shirtless, I am sure he would have had an instant boner. Doing this always makes guys hard as the Coke glides down every ripple in my toned body.

“You… must be thirsty,” he says as I stop drinking.

“I am always thirsty and don’t mind drinking anything,” I reply, winking at him, hoping he realises I am on about the fact that I plan to swallow all the cum he shoots into my mouth. His glazed look tells me he didn’t get my comment. Looks like actions will only work on this boy.

I slowly begin to walk towards him, smiling, never taking my eyes from his, watching as he seems breathless before me but doesn’t move away. I know he wants me. I know he hasn’t had a guy before and probably is happy to stay so far back in the closet he is in Narnia, but I want to fuck him and fuck him I will.

When I am close enough, I don’t even give him time to speak or time to react. I pull him into me and kiss him while locking our embrace with one arm around his shoulder. Dropping the empty Coke bottle, my other hand is on his perfect arse cheek. He doesn’t seem to be pulling away and, although nervously, he is kissing me back. I can feel him shaking from nerves and I find that fucking hot. My cock hardens further.

As the seconds pass, I can feel him relaxing more, enjoying the fact he has me. He knew this would happen, I am sure of it. I slowly allow our kissing to become more heated, biting on lips and tongue, pulling him into me closer. I can feel our groins brush together, his cock fully erect with mine. His hands are all over me, all over my chest as he feels my perfect form. I remove my hand from his arse, making my way around to grab his cock.


Before I even get to his cock, his hands are down the front of my jeans! I never expected him to do this so fast. Fuck, it’s gonna be a great day. His hands move up my chest until they are on my shoulders. He pushes out, forcing me to land on his bed. I look at him as he licks his lips, staring down at me.

Oh fuck yes!



When he came to get me out of the lecture, I was terrified. I knew it was wrong to go with him but I knew I had to talk to him and tell him I wasn’t gay, that I couldn’t be gay. The safest place to talk it through was my room, wasn’t it? Okay, initially it was only to talk, but once he was in my room and drinking my Coke, I nervously opened the gates in my mind. If giving into my desires is wrong, then today I want to be wrong. I want to be a very bad, bad boy.

Even before the line of coke left his chin and made its way down his neck, even before I had fully opened the gates, I knew this was right. I knew that I, Austin Mann, was gay and if I was to ever have my own unhappy straight future, I needed to get sex with a guy out of my system and to do this with the most perfect guy, well, that’s the icing on the cake. This could be my last chance of true happiness before I follow my parents’ plans for my future and marry Samara.

Today I just want to really be me.

Nervously I grab his cock, finally getting to feel him, and I feel shock and delight run through me. Hunger for him grows within me and I push out, forcing him to fall onto my bed. He looks up at me in shock but then delight fills his face as he takes his top off.

I dive onto his perfectly formed body and start kissing every part. I am completely lost in the moment, totally focused on touching him and licking him. I have a passion that I never knew was within me.

He flips me off him and onto my back, pressing himself on top of me. For a single bed, I am shocked and impressed that he managed to do this without either of us falling off or getting hurt. Unlike me, I know this won’t be new for him so I know he knows how to move in a single bed.

He pulls my top up over my head and although I am a little conscious of my skinny body next to his, I try to ignore it and go with the flow. I don’t want my thoughts to interrupt the moment and spoil anything, not today.

His kisses move from my lips to my chest and stop at my nipple, which he licks and chews, while twisting the other with his other hand. This new sensation freezes me completely. I have never experienced nipple play before and it causes my erection to throb even more. I know that a simple touch of my cock while he is chewing my nipples will cause me to cum straight away.

It’s not until I hear the fabric hit the floor that I am even aware that he has removed his jeans and trainers. I look down while he is still working on my nipple, chewing harder the more I groan, and I can see his perfectly naked arse moving around. I know he is fully naked. God, I have never felt this horny before and the simple look at his arse was enough to make my cock fully harden against my jeans, causing pain and a need to get it out. My inexperience makes me too nervous to take charge with someone like him, so I lay back and let him have control.

It’s as if Tom is reading my mind. He stops chewing my nipple and grins up at me as he pulls my jeans over my cock and arse without undoing them. The pain of the denim being pulled over my erection causes me to bite my lip, but then the freedom of it to stand out free eases any pain I once had.

He removes my shoes and jeans so I am completely naked. My cock feels the hardest it has ever felt and I swear it looks bigger then normal. It’s as if I have finally let it harden.

Tom pulls my attention back to him as I feel another new pleasure. I look down to see he has my big toe in his mouth and is sucking and chewing on it. It’s fucking amazing and sends lightning bolts through me, causing me to I grab my cock without realising, wanking to enhance this new pleasure he is giving me.

“No, no, no!” He says, suddenly near my cock and removing my hands from around my member. “No wanking. I will be the one working your cock today. Just lay back and enjoy.”

He forces my hands behind my head, kissing me passionately. Fuck, I really wanted to wank and cum so fast but do I really want him to think I am a one minute man? I can feel his hard cock against mine as he rubs them together as he kisses me before stopping to look into my eyes.

“Relax and let me do what I do best,” he says before he starts kissing my neck. Slowly, he starts kissing down my chest, chewing my nipple again before continuing down until he is at my cock. “Fuck, you’re a big boy. Not seen a ten inch in a while. Yum,” he says as he lowers and licks the top of my thigh between my cock and my leg, sending yet more pleasure through me.

He licks there, causing me to laugh hysterically. I try to push him off, which is impossible with his strength. This is definitely adult tickling and fuck I love it. Even though it tickles, it sends copious amounts of pleasure through me and I make myself lay back and just enjoy, my lip forever trembling with large gasps escaping me. I feel his tongue go to my balls and he sucks them into his mouth, causing me to groan out loud as he bites down gently.


I am going to cum soon and he hasn’t even got to my cock.


He releases my balls from his mouth and he slowly works his tongue up my sack. His tongue is fucking amazing and as I feel it work its way up my cock, I know that at any point I will shoot my load, but I fight back the urge. As I feel his tongue working the tip of my cock and playing with the slit, I grab onto the pillow and squeeze hard, hoping it will distract me from cumming. I look down and see as Tom locks his lips around the end of my cock, still working the tip. He groans and the vibrations send shivers up my cock making it ever harder to hold back my cumming urges.


This is going to be hard to stop and I lean my head back with my chin to the ceiling in total delirium.

I can feel Tom’s mouth take in more of my cock and know he has gone further than Samara ever could, but rather than stopping there, I am filled with shock as he goes even further. I hear him make slight choking noises and I look down to see if he is okay. Fuck, what was he doing? He is still looking at me and winking. It’s then I see my cock completely disappear into his mouth as his lips brush against my pubic hairs. The sensation is both scary and amazing. I have only ever heard of deep throating and never experienced it. His throat is tight around my cock and childish fear rushes through me that he could either swallow my cock completely or choke to death. Tom pulls out and looks up at me.

“Like?” He asks, and all I can do is nod as pleasure seems to have taken my voice. “Great, let’s see if I can get me some liquid lunch,” he says, winking before going back to my cock and resuming his deep throating.

My cock is again deep in his throat with his moans sending pulses up my body. I want to cum. I want to fill him with my stuff so that part of me is in him deep inside. I feel his teeth starting to come into play and his hands tickling my balls with his other laid flat over my pubic hairs. I know it won’t be long. I know I only have a few minutes left before I explode my load into him.

The expected minutes turn into only seconds when I feel a finger tickle my arse hole and the sensation causes me to lift my body off the bed. He releases my cock and squeezes the end, somehow stopping my climax!

What the…!

“Tantra, baby. You cum when I say,” he says, looking up at me.

What does he mean by tantra exactly? All I know is he ruined my first real explosion of pleasure, different to that with Samara.

As my body relaxes, he devours my cock again, repeating the action. I bite my lip until I again feel that I am about to cum. Again he stops and squeezes my dick before I can scream out his name. Why is he teasing me like this? I want to shout at him but fear stops me and I just stare at my ceiling in frustration.

I am delirious as he starts sucking me again and I bite down on the inside cheeks in my mouth as I know I am about to cum and he will again stop me, frustrating me beyond words. I want to take control, fuck him, force him to do things my way and stop teasing me. I balance on my head, my whole body lifted into the air as I raise up on my feet and move them as if I am walking crab like. I grab his hair with both hands, hoping he won’t move. He doesn’t stop me this time. My groans of joy are met with his as I scream out.

“SHHHIIIIITTTTT, FUUUUCCCKKK!” I can feel my eyes roll into the back of my head as I bite my lip, flexing backwards on myself, further then I have bent before, my body contorted in pleasure. I stay this way for what seems like hours, the orgasm never ending, catching my breath before collapsing back onto the bed.

I lay breathless as I feel more or my cum explode from my cock down his throat. I feel the gates in my head explode too and I know that my inner self is now free.

Tom pulls himself up to my face and he kisses me and I can taste myself on him and I love it. The mix of my cum with his tongue is exciting and I know I am hungry to fuck him.

As we kiss, I feel his groin rise up so that he has his cock near my ribs while he is kissing me. I can tell he is wanking, working his cock while he is kissing me with his other hand on my shoulder so that I can’t move. I move my hands down to grab his dick but he stops me and places my hands on his nipples to play with these as we kiss. I feel his breath getting deeper and I know he is going to cum, that he will shoot his load all over my chest. Before I have time to decide if I am okay with this, he grabs my hair, forcing my face to his cock as his cum suddenly shoots out into my face.

Fucking loads of cum covers every part of my face and I am not sure if it will ever stop shooting as he screams out. I can feel his load dripping down my chin onto his chest as he starts hitting his cock into my face, panting.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” he says, leaning in and kissing me again regardless that I am covered in him. “You look fucking sexy with my cum on you.”

“T-thanks,” I reply, not knowing what else to say, as his phone starts to ring.

“Don’t you fucking move,” he says, kissing me again before grabbing his jeans and getting his phone. He stands before me totally naked with cum still hanging from his cock. “Damn, it’s Emily. Lick this clean while I take this call,” he says, walking to me and shoving his cock into my face, making me open my mouth.

I do as he says and start to lick him clean, clearly turned on by his demands. Having a cock in my mouth for the first time feels weird yet oddly alluring, and the taste of his sweet cum delights me. I have no idea what to do with a cock in my mouth so I just suck onto it and use my tongue to lick the slit as more cum oozes out. I try to follow the actions with my tongue that he did with his.

I hated that I seemed to do whatever he demanded, but I was turned on at the same time.

“Hey Em, wassup?” He asks, and I can hear a woman’s angry voice yelling into the phone.

He grips my hair with his other hand and pushes me further down his cock, causing me to choke, but I manage to pull back slightly before he goes totally down my throat.

“What do you mean re takes? Fuck, I thought we did them all…what noise? Oh that, just some guy sucking my dick. I was busy, you know.” He thrusts his cock further into my mouth as he grips harder into my hair, exciting me with pain and pleasure. “Well, I will be there as soon as I fucking can. Give me twenty minutes, just having my cock cleaned.” He laughs into the phone before hanging up.

He puts both hands behind my head and starts fucking my face, forcing more of his cock down my throat. He ignores my obvious gagging noises. I can’t take him all, as he fucks my face faster before he fills my mouth with his cum and he squeezes my hair, bringing tears to my eyes. I swallow all I can but there was too much and more dribbles onto my already covered chin and falls onto my chest. He pulls his cock out of my mouth, forcing me to the floor, and starts putting his jeans on.

This guy’s is a bit of a dick! But fuck, I wanted him more of him.

“Gotta go. Thanks for the blowy, shame we couldn’t get more time,” he says before making for the door.

“C-can I see you again?” I say from the floor where he pushed me to.

“Anytime, babe. Just pay Kelly and you get a private dance whenever you like,” he says, leaving the room and laughing. “And you left this at Halo.” He throws my ID to the floor and closes the door behind him.

The bastard used me!

Yes, I loved what we did, but I know I want more. I want to see him again and fuck him and have him fuck me. He has started something within me and I know now that I can never go back. I know I have to have him, all of him. I feel his cum drip from my face and I lick my lips to taste him again.

My inner self nods and we agree that we can never go back.

He will be ours.


Author Note

Please be sure to check out all the other authors, and thank you for taking the time to read my update


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