Chapter Three

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He remained crouched on the floor of his room near his bed, not moving from the spot the dancer had left him. Momentarily frozen since the door slammed shut he sat there staring at his now empty room, the dancers juices still slowly making its way down his face falling to his naked chest.


Shame was what filled his thoughts now as he sat there unable to will his body to move, but the shame was not for himself. He knew now that his past few actions had now distilled within him the fact that he, Austin Mann, was gay and he didn’t want to live his lie anymore.

The shame was for his family, the family he knew would turn on him when they discovered his secret and discover they must, he knew this now without a doubt.

The thought terrified him.

Nausea runs through him at the mere idea of telling those closest the truth.

Was he moving too fast?

Is he deciding too quickly to give up on possible happiness with Samara, children of his own? Maybe, but he didn’t care, not now, not here in his room with Tom still covering him.


Austin knew that now his whole world was to change and it scared, yet excited him at the same time. He knew his actions would hurt those he loved, of course he knew that, but he also knew that living a fake life would destroy his soul the very thing he is.

Didn’t he deserve to live the life he chose?

No! Not chose!

Nobody ever decides to live a life where people would judge you so harshly. The only choice he would make is to not live a lie.

His inner self had merged with him to complete him releasing the demon finally, he knew that he was not going back to a lie. He couldn’t even if he wanted to.

As more of liquid heaven fell to his chest he felt that he was getting stronger in his sexual identity, that a part of Tom was cementing into him strong foundations that he needed about his true self. He sniffed taking into him the dancers scent and his cock yearned for more, more of him. If the dancer rejected him then maybe one day he would find something in another man, he has choices and deep within him he knew that.

Was he going to be able to be confident enough to stand proud and shout;


Time will tell.

He wasn’t ready to shout it to the world, but he was ready to put a toe into the world of man on man love again.

He wanted, no, needed more, but he didn’t want to think about coming out just yet.

First things first, Austin needed a shower.



I inhale deeply as I sit across from my parents the following weekend after Tom left me naked and alone, Samara at my side. I try to smell him on me again yet I know his scent has gone, finally left me to my own normal smelling self and I sigh deeply. I miss him on me, touching me with his tongue and hands, I miss his cum making its way down my chin as I remember sadly as I finally allowed the shower to wash him from me. My thoughts have been filled with him, wanting to see him again, have him near me to take my virgin arse.

Everything is moving so fast but for the life of me I can’t get the dancer out of my head and see him in even the most mundane things.

Once the hunted I was now becoming the hunter as I went looking for him at Halo. I sat there looking around for an hour, worry filling every part of me the longer he didn’t show.

Was he gone forever?

Have I chased him away?

Kelly came over and rekindled some hope back within me, clearly she was tired of looking at my pathetic whimper as every guy entering the lounge wasn’t him.

“Austin, the man who had Tom going out of his mind like a crazy fool looking for him! I’m a huge fan. Anyone who can fuck with that boy’s mind is a friend of mine.” She said laughing.

I wanted to punch her full pelt in the face, how dare she talk about him this way? He deserved more than that.

“I don’t see him.” I said as I tried to calm myself and focus my attention on the room looking for the man who started something within me, something I cannot stop.

“He isn’t on now until next weekend. He is away doing some shoot with Emily in London, won’t be back for about a week. Git has left me high and dry! Men demanding a dance with him and him not been here.” She said looking around annoyed at the slow pace of the evening with her empty bar.

Clearly the men followed Tom, the thought made my blood boil but I managed to calm myself.

I didn’t know who this Emily was or what she meant by a shoot, all I knew was that he wasn’t there for me. Disappointment filled me but Bella said he was only away for the week so that meant he had to come back, soon enough I would see him again.

I breathed trying to distil my obsession, stop the bunny boiler Austin taking over.

Samara, visiting me over night before she heads to York to see her family, squeezes my hand pulling my attention back to the room, obviously my reminiscing was evident if Samara had to bring me back.

My mother carries on talking about something that disgusted her.

What was she on about again?

Something was obviously pissing her off on another table in Brown’s restaurant where we sat waiting for our order to be taken. I follow her gaze and see about two tables down two men holding hands across their table smiling into each others eyes lovingly. I can feel the sides of my mouth about to form into a smile at such a wonderful sight that fills me with the hope of my own relationship, when my mother’s voice stops me.

“Disgusting! Look at them! In broad daylight too! Their kind obviously have no shame!” My mother says angrily, rather too loudly for my liking and I groan inside.

I know what is coming and I want to vanish from the table.

She takes a sip of wine all the while starting at the couple bitterly.

No, please mother, not now, not here, just leave them alone.

I pray the couple and other diners around cannot hear her, that they are all far too engrossed in their food and company to hear her spit out her comments. Dread fills me when I think how the couple would feel hearing her words, how she is ripping apart their lifestyle. Their so called choice, a choice I now know is a bloody hard one to make.

The last thing I want right now is to be associated with this table, but my mother’s anger feels as if it’s glueing me to my chair.

My mother’s disgust at the scene before her is all too familiar to me. A disgust she has tried to build within me from a small child but I always ignored, pushed it away as I wondered why this should matter to me. I never quite understood what these people were doing that was so wrong in my family’s eyes.

I should get used to the look of hate in her eyes, the look that is echoed into my fathers and pull myself emotionally away from them. I should work on detaching myself completely from a family who will grow to despise me. I know that when I do finally have the courage to tell them about me that they will bestow this look upon their own son too, blood will mean nothing to them.

Sadly I take a sip of my water as I feel Samara’s hand on my thigh causing me to look at her. She gives me a new look different to what I know, one that tells me she sees a change deep within me but she cannot fathom out what it is. All I can do is smile at her as my mother continues.

“How there isn’t a pill out that they can be made to take to correct the abnormality is beyond me, given the technology we have now.” She says shocking me with her words. “Or make them live on an island so we normal people don’t have to be subjected to it.”

They say if looks could kill, well fuel that with her bitter words and you get total Armageddon.

“Agreed darling.” My father pipes up putting his hand in hers without following her gaze. “Why people just can’t be happy with the opposite sex frustrates me.”

“No self control, the lot of them should be shot!” Mother spits.

“MOTHER!” I say all too loudly causing the room to temporarily silence.

My father moves uncomfortably in his seat looking at my mother, but never once correcting her. Doesn’t he see how disgusting her words are?

My mother looks at me shocked!

I shocked her?

“What? Its true! The lord never intended on men to lay with men, women to lay with women. Simple!” She replies, confident in her statement all the while sipping her wine.

“Well maybe he shouldn’t have made men so attractive then.” I say below my breath.

“Sorry honey?” She asks looking like the loving mother again.

Too late woman!

“I was just wondering where the waiter was to take our order.” I say hoping nobody heard my earlier comment.

“Good point son.” My father says clicking his finger for a waiter to arrive.

Samara shudders slightly next to me, I know she is biting her tongue. She is a waitress herself so I know she hates when people click for service as if the hard working waiters are dogs. My families rudeness always pisses her off, but Samara is always ever the polite little girl they first met. I take her hand in mine and smile at her reassuringly, letting her know I feel her pain.

“Can I help you sir?” A young male waiter asks my father though an obvious forced smile, clearly not amused at been clicked at.

I know I can’t say I have gaydar just yet, this must be something you learn with experience, but I can tell instantly that this guy is gay. I can feel my parents tense up as they too can tell that he is one of them, as they like to call them.

He looks at me and gives me a knowing smile, his features completely gentle.

Does he know?

Am I that obvious already?

I blush and look away pulling my hair over my brow.

When the waiter leaves with our order my parents relax finally and I hope far too soon that their comments are over, that we can move on to a more civilised conversation.

“Well, looks like the place is full of them.” Mother says.

I groan.

It’s going to be a long night!

“I need the loo.” I say getting up.

I see Samara give me the don’t leave me alone with them look, but I ignore her and make my way to the toilet down stairs of the restaurant. I can’t help you tonight Samara, I can’t be strong for us both, not yet.

Relief washes over me when I see the bathroom is empty, I make my way to the sinks spraying my face with cold water before looking at myself in the mirror.

“Just breath, get through tonight!” I say knowing I won’t be coming out to my family anytime soon. Samara deserves to be the first to know and I am not sure I am ready to tell her either.

Are you supposed to hate your family?

Probably not, but right now, at this moment with tears making their way into my eyes I hate them more then anything. How could they be so ignorant! Maybe if they were a little more open I may have realised who I was a lot sooner!

Maybe then I wouldn’t have to hurt Samara.

Before I can stop myself I feel the shame again, the one I felt before and it causes me to throw the contents of my empty stomach. I glare back at the mirror without moving my head, only my eyes looking up.

Memories flood into me causing the mirror to act as a TV as the images are projected upon it, I slowly rise to standing as I gaze ahead. My eleven year old self is walking through corridors at school with boys my age and older spitting their words at me.

Gay Boy!



Words that I didn’t understand at eleven, ones my mother refused to explain when I asked her about them. Words that eventually died out when I saw her, the small pixie like girl in assembly, sitting next to me and smiling. She never shut up as she sang her words quietly so the headmaster taking assembly couldn’t hear, telling me her name was Samara Lane and how I was her new best friend. Never giving me a say in the matter.

From that moment on we were inseparable, everyone loved this small girl and my popularity grew because of her. The names stopped and I forgot I was ever called them, forgot until now as they came flooding back in the bathroom.

I regurgitate again, but nothing escapes me.

Was Samara the reason I never came out, never answered to these jibes?

I wipe the tears from my eyes spraying my mouth with water to rid the taste as I leave the toilet, the memories still playing in my mind as I bump into our waiter. He smiles at me and nods reassuringly.

His confident nod tells me, things will get better. I smile and nod back before making my way back to our table.

So many have gone through what I am now living, surly I like them can be my real self.

Can’t I?



“SOMEONE GET HIM A FUCKING VIAGRA!” Emily screamed across the room to one of the crew. “Louis, get the fuck in there and see if you can make his erection happen this time.”



What the fuck is happening?

I never need any help to get an erection let alone keep one!

Its like my head just won’t let me get hard.

I look at the two men I am suppose to be fucking and nothing is happening downstairs and these men ain’t bad looking either. Believe me I have managed to fuck some beasts in my time as a porn star without a problem, so what the fuck is happening now?

“Tom, get your fucking shit together, this isn’t like you and I don’t have time to wait around until you decided to let your cock fucking harden and say hello. Sort it the fuck out!” Emily snaps at me.

“Hey, I am fucking trying! Just give me a sec and get that fucking shithead fluffer over here.” I grunt back as she grabs herself a coffee.

Louis starts sucking and wanking me trying to get me aroused, but still nothing.

Normally I would be planning on fucking this new piece of meat, but I can’t even think of us two in the same light. His young dark features that would normally make my dick pop up like a Jack-in-a-box now did nothing for me and left my cock limp.

Could this be it?

The end of my sexual adventure! Have I finally lost the appetite I abused so much? My whole purpose in life now screwed?


No, this can’t be the reason! I know there has to be more but what the fuck was it?

“Fuck me, Tom.” My eyes flow to the voice below me that must have come from Louis and I almost scream out.

Kneeling there licking my dick is that fucking Austin Mann! His sultry voice demanding my erection as his lips and teeth glide over my cock.

Seeing him instantly causes my dick to stand to attention and I hear Louis start to choke on my length as it expands in his throat causing him to pull out before resuming his work again.

So this is it! The thing that will get me hard, seeing the blondes face? I look at the two men I should be fucking and their faces have also turned into Austin’s. My stomach makes a weird noise as I look at them and my cock firms further. All I can say as I push the LouisAustin off my cock is.

“Fuck the Viagra, roll camera, Now!”

I walk over to the men clenching my fists, my cock leading the way.

“You want a show then we do it my way.” I demand.

“Fine, just fucking make it perfect.” Emily grunts following me with her camera.

“Anything goes right?”

“Always.” She replies.

The two men with Austin’s face walk towards me and the bed we are suppose to be fucking on.

If he won’t get out of my fucking head then so be it, stay here while I make you fucking scream!

I grab both Austin’s by the hair and pull them forcefully to my groin shoving my cock into the mouth of one while dragging the other to my arse, leaning forward slightly allowing his tongue to go in deep. I can feel the front guy relaxing as I force my length down his throat, before I start fucking his face all the while pulling the other Austin with me, making sure he stays in the motion.

This is my way! No rules, no holding back, nothing is taboo!

I know Emily will approve she loves it when I go into unchoreographed, thinks its more natural.

I pull harder onto both the guys hair making them groan as I fuck the fronts face harder dragging the guy behind, pulling him deeper into me. I grin to myself as I know what I am about to do next, know how I am about to piss the one behind me off, shame him like the pig he is. I turn my head to the camera Emily is following me with and I wink leaning forwards as I allow a massive fart to purposely escape me right into the guy’s mouth.

He groans loudly in disgust trying to pull away and I simply pull his hair harder forcing him to stay.

“Eat up little pig bitch.” I moan still looking into the camera.

I see Emily raise a shocked thumb at me to show she approves. Some sick fuck will get off on this.

Without loosening my grip on the guy sucking me I pull my piggy round in front of me dragging his face to mine before kissing him, tasting my fart on his lips knowing the act will entice the perverts. He relaxes again from his moment of shame as he moves his hands up my body. I pull his hair forcing his bead back from my face and spit into him.

“Who said you can fucking touch me, pig!” I say glaring into his eyes.

This Austin looks into my eyes and I get the impression he is holding back tears causing my heart to sink. Almost as if they are acting in unison my cock starts to soften in the other Austin’s mouth.

What the fuck!

No, not now, this can’t be happening!

As if it’s second nature to me I pull the other Austin off my cock to face level and push their faces together making them lock lips. I join in taking my turn with them, a kissing frenzy. My cock is hard again as I watch the two of them while we wank each other off. I catch myself opening my eyes as I kiss these guys, trying to see Austin’s eyes staring back at me.

What the fuck was happening here?

Why was Austin’s face haunting me, making me see him in men I try to fuck?



I close my eyes again and he is there still, laying there in my mind bending over asking me to take him, spreading his arse cheats stretching his hole for me. My cock hardens further as I fall to the floor pulling both men on top of me.

I pull one, I don’t know which, to my groin forcing him to suck me while I pull the other guys cock into my throat as he leans over and sucks the other guy. This cock doesn’t taste of the Austin I know, the Austin who I took deep and sucked until his liquid goodness leaked down my throat. The memory of how he tastes caused my length to harden further.

I spend the next twenty minutes pleasuring these fake Austin’s for the camera, the perfect actor as I pretend I like it. An Oscar winning performance!

I am never truly satisfied though, not like I was a week ago.

As we wrap up I am numb from my urges, urges to get back to Leeds, back to him and fall into his arms.


This isnt me! Tom Parks, this is some fucked up little loser who believes in all that love crap.


I am so fucking screwed!



“That was…interesting, what happened in the restaurant.” Samara says laying in my arms.

I distracted her from sex by telling her I had a headache, fuck I was turning into a woman. What else could I say, sorry Samara but I think I may love someone else and his name is Tom?


I couldn’t tell her, not yet. Not make an already crap day worse. My parents left me knowing that I need more time before I tell them how I have failed to be the son they wanted.

I know it’s fast, know I should give myself more time to think it over but since that night with him I have known I wanted him more, wanted him to fuck me with that large cock of his. He confirmed my fears and I think, no I know. With him at my side I may have the confidence to let the world know about me. I know he would protect me from all the hate, hold my hand as I told my family.

He would love me, wouldn’t he?


I allow my mind to run ahead too fast, I seem to be putting all my hopes into this one guy that was just out to have his way with me and throw me away like a piece of rubbish.

It’s just, well, since he covered me with his jizz, made me lick him clean then shove me to the floor I have wanted him to do it all over again. Be rough with me, throw me on the bed and fuck me until I scream.


I stop my mind thinking like this as I reply to Samara’s question.

“You know my parents, always politically correct!” I say with more anger behind my words then I intended.

“You sure you’re okay, Aust?” She asks hugging into me.

I take a few moments before I answer, making sure my words sound confident, believable.

“Am fine baby, you know me.”

“Anything you want to talk about?” She probes.

Yes, I want you to know I am gay. That I tried not being gay, shit how the fuck I tried, but I can’t do it any longer. I am too weak, too sad living a lie. I know it hurts you, yes fuck I know this may kill you inside for trusting me, for hiding this from you for all these years. But believe me when I say that I would rather die a thousand deaths then allow you to hurt because of me, because of my weakness.

I don’t say this, any of it. All I can do is tentatively kiss her head before I say.

“I am fine babe. Goodnight my angel.”

I just wish I was saying this to him.


Bang. Bang. BANG!

That’s my door?

It takes me awhile to notice, but yes, someone was banging at the door to my room. I sit up in bed looking around me as the banging gets louder. Samara isn’t here, maybe she got locked out, but why would she leave the room in the first place? She must have left without saying goodbye.

That’s not like her at all!

I look at the clock radio that tells me it’s 8 AM. Who the fuck comes knocking like that on a Sunday at 8 AM?

I get out of bed and make the short walk to the door opening it to be greeted by a completely drenched him! It’s then I am aware of the rain pouring down outside. He looks like a wet puppy and my stomach flips over.

“You!” He says as he slowly enters my room. “I need…” He stops, staring at me.

He doesn’t finish his sentence.

He doesn’t talk for what seems like hours as he stands before me.




Each step I take up to his room anger builds up within me.

London was a nightmare, I couldn’t perform because of him! Every guy I had to fuck I had to imagine was his fucking face smiling at me, every dick I sucked I had to think was his! I had to pop Viagra towards the end of the week, fucking Viagra to be able to fuck anyone! Whenever I tried without medicated help my dick fell south as his sad face would appear asking why I didn’t love him.


He has ruined me, fucking ruined my life with his stupid smile, stupid eyes and fucking huge arse stupid cock!

He opens the door after I almost break it down and I know I have woken him. I try not too, but the sight of him looking groggy and shocked before me makes me smile. I stop myself before it completes

“You!, I need…” I stop myself completing the sentence.

He looks at me bewildered.

I pause for a few moments to get my words perfect.

“Just so you know, I will never love you, this is just a fuck, one we both need.” I say through gritted teeth, trying not to make eye contact with him.

I am here to fuck, to finally purge him from my system. If Emily hadn’t had called me away when I was last here I wouldn’t be here now, fucking women!

I can tell without fully looking at his face that my words have hurt him, that he is disappointed.


Why do I care? He is just a posh wank, one I have needed for a long while and has been taunting me for weeks.

“That’s… fine.” He responds breathlessly as I make my way towards him.

“Good!” I say as I brush my lips against his and firmly bite his lower lip, ignoring the effect his voice has over me.

Focus Tom, just get in, get him done and leave!

You can do this!

You need to do this!

He touches me raising his arms up my waits, onto my chest then moving behind and resting on my back as we kiss. I shiver at his touch which I put down to the fact I am drenched, I won’t read further into it.

I move my hands around his body before resting one on each cheek of his firm arse, I squeeze my inevitable goal. I feel the pressure of my erection against my jeans as it meets with his, only fabric parts the two hungry lengths.

He moves his lips to my neck kissing me causing a gasp of air to escape me as he lowers a hand to my jeans, unbuttoning them and lowering them with my boxers to the floor as I remove my jumper. My erection pops free into the cool room as I begin to remove his shorts.

Our erections meet, touching between us, finally getting to say a hello to each other. They fold over one another in a warm hug, forming us as one. I am ready for him, and as he removes my wet shirt I say.

“I am going to fuck you now. Is that ok?” Why I am asking him this, why I do even care? His voice brings me back to his attention.

“I’m ready.

For a moment I stand frozen.



I can feel myself shaking.

He wants to fuck me and I know this is what I want but I am absolutely terrified.

Am I moving too fast?

Is this really what I want?

My cock hardens telling me to shut the fuck up and finally listen to him.

I stand naked before him, unsure of what to do, how to start.

Tom walk’s closer towards me and my lips part for the expected gentle kisses, for his lips to glide over mine. Instead he roughly turns me around pulling me into his naked chest.


Goose pimples run all over me as he pushes me onto my bed forcing me to bounce slightly as I turn to look at him in shock.

His face falters slightly before he shakes himself and brings the lust back to his eyes.

“Hold on tight, it’s gonna be a fucking bumpy ride!” He grunts at me.

He jumps onto me biting my neck while scratching his hands down my back causing me to scream out, but not in pain.


The burn he causes to my back makes me bite into my pillow as I allow gasps of actual pleasure to escape me.

I like it rough?

“JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH!” I scream out as an unexpected finger is forced into my anus.

Tom, keeping me pressed against the bed as he bites from my neck to my ear lobe, fucks my virgin arse with his finger. He moves to my hole and spits, then works his fingers again before resuming his biting.

“Does my bitch like his arse being finger fucked?” He says shocking me with his words.

The old Austin would have been insulted by this, but somehow as he spoke to me in this way he only excited me. Maybe his finger is blinding me as pleasure takes over. All I know is I wanted more, more of him.

“Fucking… love it. Give me more master!” The words escape me before I can stop them.


What the fuck?

Before I can think of what I was saying he pulls his finger out sharply making me gasp. He licks his finger, turning my head so I have to look at him.

“Tastes hot, nice and clean.” He says.

I don’t have time to gag, and what did he mean clean? I feel his finger go up me again and I drop my head back onto the pillow biting harder. I feel another finger join in the action making pre cum ooze its way from my dick as I push my arse into his hand ever more hungry. His finger movements were sending my body crazy making me want to cum, this must be the so called G-Spot people joke about.





So this is what it feels like to have your prostate found? I punch the headboard biting the pillow harder.

“F… f… uck… me! Please… master!” I can’t help saying it, I need to feel him in me.

He bites me neck harder before forcing another finger into me, scratching my back before removing his hands and allowing me to collapse on the bed.

“Don’t fucking move!” He says jumping to his feet and I watch him hunting his jeans.

God he looks hot naked, pre cum evident at the head of his dick causing me to lick my lips hungrily. I try to control my breathing but its matching my pulsing heart rate.

“Shit! Got any lube?” He asks looking at me. “You don’t want to be fucked for your first time without lube.”

Why the hell would I have lube?


My arse throbbed for him to be back in me but I have no lube. I lift up on my arms looking at my room.


“Any Vaseline?” He snaps, frustrated.

I reach into the draw of my bedside table, all that stares at me is Tiger Balm.

“Will this do? Its like Vaseline but normally used for pains.” I say before thinking.

He laughs.

“That will work, may even help you be able to take me more.” He chuckles.

He takes the jar off me after putting a condom on, throwing the wrapper to the floor. I make a mental note to bin it later. I can hear him taking the lid off the jar then rubbing it into my arse before moving to his cock.

“Shit, cold, tingles!” I moan.

“Not half, can feel it through the condom, this will make for an interesting fuck!” He says and I can hear the grin in his voice.

He pulls me back into his chest so I am on my knees as I feel him place his cock at my entrance. My arse hungers to eat his cock, and the added sensation of the Tiger Balm somehow makes me more horney.

“Ready bitch!” It wasn’t a question as he breathed his words into my ear.

He pushes himself into me I can’t help it, a scream escapes me as he enters forcing me to buckle forward onto my hands.

“You…o..k?” I hear him ask before he continues with. “I mean shut the fuck up, the first inch is always the worst, just fucking relax.”

His words make me bite my lip as a tear falls from my eye, I can feel him hesitate before the rest of him moves into me.


He was right, the first part was the worst! I bite harder onto my lip and grab the headboard trying to pull myself away. He grabs my thighs pulling me back and pushing further in and I stifle another scream.

As he slowly moves within me my fallen tear merges into sweat from my brow as I bite harder into the pillow. The initial pain now replaced with a glorious burning sensation. This was a pain I like, fuck this is amazing.

“Oh, god think I am gonna…!” Shit I am cuming, I know it wont be long. “Harder, please, Harder.” I beg, hungry for more of the pleasure pain feeling.

Tom grabs my hair pulling my back into him again, locking me in his embrace as he bites my neck before speeding up his thrusting. The movement from laying out to practically standing up almost killed me with the pain it sent through my body. I pull my arms over my head and hold onto his as he fucks me all the while biting my lobe, the pain slowly relaxes back perfect bliss.

With each movement within me I move ever closer to climax, I know it won’t be long. His cock is rubbing over my prostate making it impossible for me to hold back, combined with the squeezing he is doing on my nipples all I can do is throw my head back screaming as I cum.

“Fuck… yes… shit!” Words escape me dancing in time with my ejaculation which Tom smooths up my chest as he carries on fucking me, until he buckles forward onto me forcing me to reach out to support us.

“Oh… hell… yessss! Your arse…amazing!” He says thrusting a few more times gently before pulling out of me.

We collapse on the bed, and although I am still in pain, my arse bussing from his cock and the Tiger Balm I somehow find my mouth talking before my brain controls it.

“Again master, fuck me again.” I say through gasps.

Tom laughs before jumping onto me.



There is something fucking amazing about breaking a virgins arse, but fuck its different with his. I find myself holding back, not wanting to hurt him too much, and it’s fucking hard to push the thoughts to the back of my head as I get sex funky.

I know I am not taking this further, know I am here just to have my way but his last words somehow caused my lip to tremor, air to escape my lungs.

What was it about this guy?

Get it together Tom, for fucksake!

The sex was perfect, his arse moulded around my cock like I had found the perfect fitting glove for my dick. I had to stop myself cuming straight away as I entered him and that is not fucking like me at all!

I managed to hold back long enough to prolong the pleasure for almost five minutes, and I can go for much fucking longer. I silently pray he didn’t notice how fast I was.

His last words made me pounce on him, licking the sweat from his body, tasting the cum on his chest as I glide my tongue from his belly button up, pausing at his nipples before I end on the bite marks of his neck. I pause looking at them, the red teeth marks and I feel…



This is new to me, I love hurting guys, what the fuck?

“Bite me again, oh fucking bite me Tom!” He pleads pulling my hair.

The feeling leaves me as I answer his words, biting into him causing him to groan in delight. I grab his wet cock, pulling it to mine as I rub our ends together firmly. He groans louder as expected, every fucker loves this, wet cock on cock sending tickling sensations everywhere.

“I know how to please my babies…bitches!” I say quickly correcting myself. Where the fuck did that come from?

“Can…can I ride you master?” he asks nervously.

Well what the fuck does he expect me to say, no?

“Giddy up!” I laugh.

He forces me onto my back, balancing his arse on my cock while I unwrap another condom. He moves his ring across my end making me want to cum again, not good. Once the condom is on I watch the anguish in his face as he lowers down onto me and I bite down onto my lip stopping myself screaming out in delight.

He slowly begins moving his hips in a gentle passionate dance over my dick looking down into my eyes, just feeling his eyes on me makes me want to cum. I move my hand up his chest, over his sweat and cum before I run my hand through the curls of his hair.


He is beautiful!

I dig my other hand into his thigh causing him to scream in delight while I try to control my pending orgasm.

“Fuck…this is amazing!” He says. “I want…to try…something…ok?”

Like I give a shit, I just need to not cum yet. I nod, I don’t trust my voice right now.

He pulls halfway up my cock before pulling his leg across my body as he turns his body away from me then lowering himself down again.


I grip the covers of the bed to stop me cuming as he lowers his back into my chest. I pull us up slightly to a more seated position before he continues dancing his arse cheeks over my cock. He turns his head to me so we are staring into each others eyes, our lips touching, not kissing as we feed off each others gasps.

I am cuming, I know I cant hold on longer. I grab onto his waist as I thrust up into him while he continues to dance over me. Our eyes never look away from one another and I feel myself fall within them.

As my cum and scream blast from me, met with his as we climaxed together falling back on the bed, his jizz shooting from him over his chest.

“Fuck…I love you!”

The words cause me to freeze in shocked disgust.

The words I have always run from.

Came from me!

Oh Shit!



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