To Serve Is Divine – Book Review

To Serve Is Divine (The Divine Trilogy Book One)


Catherine O’Chancey is a reserved, demure, and graceful submissive. All traits she trained hard to enhance when she discovered the world of Dominance and submission in college. 882645_551266898299431_1836682059_oIn an attempt to start fresh after the unexpected death of her last Dom, Catherine moves to Dallas, TX to escape the shroud of darkness he left behind in her life. She has tried to fight the need that resides deep within her to submit, but finally has to admit she can’t for it is not a choice, but part of who she truly is. After months of mental preparation, she ventures back into the lifestyle by attending a coveted open-night event at Dungeons and Dreams, an exclusive BDSM club.

Is it fate or coincidence that Catherine garners the attention of one of the club’s board members who happens to be on the hunt for the perfect sub – a partner who enjoys receiving pain and pleasure as much as he enjoys doling it out?

Jayden Masterson is many things: a firm Dom, a shrewd businessman, and a gentleman. What he isn’t, is someone who partakes in relationships outside of contractual ones with his multiple, uncollared, regular submissives. While he likes rough sex, he is not an animal, and can find pleasure only if it is consensual. What his harem is missing is a pain slut; could there be one in his future?

Upon meeting Catherine, Jayden feels an instantaneous spark inside him that has him wanting to know not just her body, but her mind. He wants to unravel her mysteries and discover her secrets. Through pain can they find the pleasure they seek? Can part-time pain lovers find full-time fulfillment when it’s not in their contract?



First and foremost I need to point out, I don’t read BDSM stories!

Picking up a novel and knowing it will be all sex, sex, sex does NOT interest me as a reader. I like my stories will plot, and yes a little sex is okay, but not what I look for. That been said, I still found myself wanting to read TSID by author RE Hargrave. I’d heard good things about this book, and I caved and thought I’d give it a go. I’m very glad I did.

TSID may be a BDSM erotica, but there is so much more to this book than just sex, which there is a lot of. Yes, I found the fact that there was a lot of sex a little hard to get my head around at first, but there’s something about Jayden I just had to know more of; and Erin of course – but I prefer my men. You would have thought, that as a gay man, I’d want to read a M/M erotica, but it wasn’t about the sex that had me purchasing this.

In the past I have thought about this lifestyle, but only to the point of finding a man hot in leather and having my wicked way, but RE Hargrave opened my once naive eyes to so much more. Okay, I’m focusing on the sex right now, but although a lot of it was new to me, it wasn’t the seedy, pain filled encounters I guess I expected. The one word I can probably use to describe most of them is beautiful.

Erin likes her pain, it’s handled very well and not portrayed in a way to put a reader off – most of it is left to the readers imagination. Isn’t this why we read, to make up our own minds about whats happening and just enjoy?

Jayden and Catherine (Erin) may be the focus of this story, but the side character caught my eye – Micha. Jayden’s driver isn’t used enough for my liking, but when he is – wow. Applauds.

I also love the fact that Erica is hiding a past, something which haunts her, and when the author finally let me know what it was I had tears in my eyes.

This is a five star book for me, well written and interesting enough to catch the eye of a man who, even though squirmed at some of the female detail, still enjoyed every page. Will I be reading book two? Yes, after I have a little break to get over the impact of book one.



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